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Have you ever wondered where you fit in this crazy world of photography?

We've been through the struggle of trying to figure out where we fit, and we know what it feels like to be a lonely entrepreneur. It's out of these experiences that Calibrate was born - a retreat for photographers who want to learn and grow in an authentic, caring community. Each year, we aim to host a retreat that has a creative entrepreneur's favourite things in mind: a pretty setting, delicious food, and a stellar keynote speaker. Add to that an intimate group of attending photographers who love learning together, and we feel like it's the perfect opportunity to refresh your skills and recalibrate your creativity at the end of a busy photography season. Get ready to be encouraged, inspired, well-fed and well-loved at one of our upcoming retreats!


Calibrate started as a dream for photographers to learn and grow together in a retreat-style setting.  The idea was the blending of two needs: the need for photographers to learn and grow during their off-season, and the need to connect with other photographers and build a network within the photography world. We (Calibrate founders and Edmonton-based wedding photographers Cheryl Lukasewich and Erin Walker) are all about creativity, learning, beautiful places, delicious food, and building community, and so Calibrate was born. We can't wait to meet you all at our 2017 retreat in Edmonton, AB!


Cheryl Lukasewich // Aeris Photography
Cheryl (on the right!) is the Edmonton-based photographer behind Aeris Photography, a company started back in 2011 out of a love for photographing couples and weddings. Since then, she has shot with dozens of photographers around the city, networking and making friends in the Edmonton photography industry and abroad. She'll be your biggest cheerleader, your shoulder to cry on, and the first one to head over to welcome you when you walk through the doors at Calibrate. Her dream for the retreat is that it would be a place for photographers to encourage each other and build community together.

Erin Walker // Erin Walker Photography
Erin Walker (on the left!) jumped into the world of wedding photography after photographing an engagement shoot for a friend five years ago. She has a love for teaching and helping others along in the world of photography, and loves collaborating with other creatives to make something new. Erin will be the one to give it to you straight, challenge you to be better and jump into your latest brainstorming session. Her dream behind Calibrate is that it would be a community for photographers to brainstorm and dream together and push each other to achieve that next goal.