We're pretty obsessed with Vision Art, and here's why: not only will their products blow your mind because they are so beautiful, but the people who run this company are willing to go over the top to make your experience the best experience ever. We are so proud to have Vision Art as our title sponsor for Calibrate Fall 2016!


Smart Albums is the fastest, most innovative tool for making an album. Want to save time? You need Smart Albums. This company focuses on developing simple and beautiful solutions for the world of photography, so we are pretty pumped to have them sponsor Calibrate Fall 2016.

The company that believes in the beauty of the tangible. Artifact Uprising is the place to go for beautiful framed prints and albums, plus we just love how much they love beautiful moments. We can't wait for you to enjoy some of their product at Calibrate Fall 2016!


We can't say enough about Shootproof....their customizable online galleries and slideshows, and modern digital delivery service is one we can't live without. Once you try it, we think you'll be sold on it too! These guys are dedicated to saving photographer's time while creating opportunities for them to better showcase their images. What's not to love about that?

This team of young entrepreneurs have a love for craftsmanship and quality! We're a huge fan of what they do, and it's pretty sweet that their main focus is to provide photographers with the tools they need to set themselves apart from the rest. Nothing says more about a brand's success and talent like a set of personally engraved USBs or box with their logo!


McBain Camera Ltd. has been serving Edmonton and the Province of Alberta since 1949, and is still under original ownership. They are your one-stop location for photographic equipment, photofinishing, camera rentals, video transfers, photography workshops and more!

Lisa has taken her years of experience working with backpacks, bags and plastic hardware, to bring photographers quality camera accessories built to last. We especially love her harnesses because they make heavy camera bodies feel weightless! 

Fingerprints. Dust. You name it, it will find it's way on the surface of your beloved camera lens. Lenspen is the best solution for lens cleaning: a safe, easy and totally affordable way to keep those lenses clean and keep you shooting your best!

Made with love, wit, and raw thought, we love the woman behind Danipress as much as the cards themselves. In her own words, she hopes to "redefine what something as simple as a card could mean".  We're pretty sure a Danipress card takes our thoughts and puts them on paper in a way that is better than we could ourselves!